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091113 - Club Tavern, Middleton

Set list, practice notes, pictures, video and show info for Fri. Nov. 13, 2009 at The Club Tavern in Middleton with The Nod and Tax Brandywine

Practice Nov. 11, 2009

Set list practice for a show at The Club Tavern with The Nod and Tax Brandywine from Indianapolis.  We're the headlining band and Mark's hand had healed enough to play guitar on songs added to cover time our time slot.

Members involved
Mark Whitcomb
Scott Beardsley
Tom Ray
Bryan Elliott
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz

Songs Mark will play on guitar
  1. Hang on st. Christopher
  2. Strange weather - Eric on guitar
  3. Tango til they're sore
  4. Jockey full o bourbon - cha-cha-cha ending, 2 horn solos
  5. Down in the hole - Mark's solo is first, sing ooohs as last verse at the end
  6. old old story - 5 count, second chorus 2x, A Capella singing at the end
  7. You were Blonde - Eric on guitar

Show - Club Tavern Fri. Nov. 13, 2009

Mark decided his hand/wrist was well enough to play the whole show on guitar.

9:30 - Tax Brandywine
10:15 - The Nod
11:45 - Lorenzo's Music
Doors 9 PM