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151125 Practice

151125 Practice Notes

Tom Ray
Rob Gugel
Cliff Hammer

Idea just came to us as we picked up our instruments
piano plays:
EC, DB, CA low/high note structure for chords
Tom Liked when Rob did more the drum fill line run on the song more, example about 7min into tape 151125-STE-027
Tape 2 151125-STE-001 3:30 interesting rythmn
Tape 2 151125-STE-001 3:50 there is a really strong groove
Rob suggests going the opposite of toms chords to make it less happy starting with A
Tom says with on the second chord cliff should go Aflat
cliff tried A Aflat C
Tape 3 151125-STE-028 14:50 Dropped the Aflat and went A D F G G# for bass which took it out of the happy realm and gave it a vibe
16:00 Rob came in and played an Oceans 11 type shuffle groove. That's when it really came together
Tom started alternating a low note in the piano line.

Tape 151125-STE-002 Cliff and Rob play a groove idea that may work as another part

160803 Practice Notes

Tom Ray
Rob Gugel

Rob plays the keyboard part as the guitar to make it not so pounding.
We try it as the single notes instead of chords
so E then C, D then B, C then A
We try alternating so that instead of the guitar waiting one beat for it to come in, at times he can start it on the one instead to mix it up

Audio in the 151125 practice folder - 160803_1003.mp3