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091205 - The Frequency

Set list, practice notes, pictures, video and show info for Dec. 5, 2009 at The Frequency in Madison with The Earthling Invasion and the Chicago based band The Right Now

Practice Dec. 2, 2009

Scott played on a 3 piece drum kit. Snare, bass drum, mounted tom and a high hat. Mark's wrist was acting up again after the last show at The Club Tavern so he was on keys again for this practice and probably for the upcoming show.

Members involved
Mark Whitcomb
Eric Bruzewitz
Scott Beardsley
Cliff Hammer
Tom Ray
Bryan Elliott

Set list and Notes

  1. I'm Doing Fine
  2. Cool And Red - Eric plays on the intro
  3. After All That's Happened
  4. Fervor
  5. Downtown
  6. All I Want - Eric should play guitar distorted, video recorded
  7. Voomp Boomp - Eric did lead line with compressed pedal sounded like reverse guitar
  8. Drinkin' By Myself
  9. Went Your Way
  10. I Got The Next Round - Note to Eric - play the right intro :), Bryan play lead line with Mark, watch tempo -- not too fast -- not to slow
  11. Indian Summer
  12. Feed The One - everyone does the spike hits on the outro, Tom might do the spike hits on Eric's guitar as he plays keys and holds the chords on it for him
  13. Hot Water Avalanche

Show - The Frequency Sat. Dec. 05, 2009

Doors - 9:00 PM
9:45 PM - The Earthling Invasion 
11:30 PM - Lorenzo's Music
12:30 PM - The Right Now  
Cost - $5



Table Hockey

Line Check

After the show