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091217 - The Great Dane

Set list, practice notes, video and show info for Dec. 17, 2009 at The Great Dane in Madison.

Practice Dec. 16, 2009

Mark was still having hand/wrist problems and played keyboards for this show.

Members Involved
Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz
Bryan Elliott

Set List And Notes

  1. Hang on St. Christopher
  2. Oh, Oh, Oh - Might not do this one didn't sound right with 2 keyboards
  3. you were blonde - Eric guitar, keep up the tempo
  4. strange weather
  5. tango 'till the're sore 
  6. down in the hole
  7. jockey full of bourbon - Eric plays on Scott's drums with him
  8. chocolate Jesus - Tom Remember to cue for that one change for everyone
  9. All I Want - 
  10. make it clean (tentative)
  11. over and over (tentative)

Show - Great Dane Thurs. Dec. 17, 2009

Lorenzo's Music
The Great Dane
123 E. Doty St.
Madison, WI

Members Involved
Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb - Keyboard
Bryan Elliott
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz

77 Square Write up 

*Set List attached below
Tom Ray,
Dec 25, 2009, 10:20 PM