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100701 - Mr. Roberts Madison

Practice notes and set list for the Mr. Roberts show in Madison with *Insert headliner here*

100609 Practice notes

Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb
Cliff Hammer
Bryan Elliott
Eric Brusewitz

get up
Bryan plays a harmony spike with part and on the notes he goes down instead of up
Bryan plays a solo before verse 3 for  3 bars but continues with the part under the vocal verse.
Eric plays distorted part on end on the second time of last chorus
end song after that part

feel it tonight
start with solo both Bryan and Mark.
bryan and mark do the verse hits together (low hits).
On chorus Eric hits with us.

just had to let you know
for bridge 12345 then do part back beat of the 5 for bryan and cliffs part.
also for bridge Eric will do the hits wit them.

set list

I'm Doing Fine
cool and red
voomp boomp?
Indian summer
hot water
feed the one
feel it tonight
just had to let you know
get up stay down

100617 Practice Notes

Scott Beardsley
Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb
Cliff Hammer
Eric Brusewitz
Bryan Elliott

Get up
tempo 125
cliff and scott start
then mark comes in let him go longer before singing
scott calls the ending
when Mark and Eric play crazy on the end bryan plays up an octive to replace guitar
everyone stops at end except cliff and erics reverb pedal

feel it
first chorus guitar plays clean
just regular part two measures before 2nd verse no solo part

Just had to
keep tempo up dont drag
minimal drums (like current recording).

Show was cancelled

Tom got a message from a fan saying that they were invited to a show the same night by a different band and after looking into it the venue had double booked the night with four other acts. We decided to cancel.

This was the flyer created for the event. ->