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091022 - High Noon Madison

Set list, practice notes, pictures, video and show info for Oct. 22, 2009 at The High Noon Saloon in Madison
Scott was on vacation in Spain so Eric asked Kevin from Fever Marlene to fill in on drums. Two weeks before the show Mark messed up his wrist, we think while working on a washing machine at his house and was unable to play guitar. So he learned all his parts, one handed, on keyboard. Eric picked up the slack on a few of the songs playing guitar but for the most part it was a double keyboard show.

These notes are from the night before the show practicing at DNA Studios in the main room.

Members Involved
Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb
Bryan Elliott
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz

Non-Members Involved
Kevin Dumphy of Fever Marlene

Set List and Notes

  1. I'm Doing fine - drums vamp and we join in eventually, Eric on guitar
  2. cool and red - drums fill start, Mark & Eric ooohs in middle, lower volume on 3rd verse, 12345 ending
  3. after all - *Note* love the singer (inside joke)
  4. fervor - Eric is going to drag it on purpose, Kevin should stay the course drum-wise.
  5. downtown - Kevin starts with the beat then a fill and we come in, Eric plays guitar on accents, funk drum on break down.
  6. make it clean - Kevin start marching drum-line during verses, ending is just 123 as the regular drum part
  7. voomp - faster than Cliff thinks it is :)
  8. drinkin' - Mark should use octave lower sound on keys
  9. went your way - Cliff vamps till vocals start. first part of 3rd verse drums drop to flureshes. Ending has 2 hits, bomp, bomp.
  10. I got the next round - Kevin, Cliff start, Mark not so high keys, Bryan will play solo line with mark.
  11. indian summer - stop at end of beginning line. 2 hit ending sax does all solos
  12. feed the one - outro only one time, after 3rd? break down when Tom yells chorus goto chorus, end hits 1234
  13. hot water - dramatic ending

Day of show
click here for audio and notes from the show.

Show - High Noon Saloon Thurs. Oct. 22, 2009

High Noon Saloon in Madison

Members Involved
Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb - one handed keyboard
Bryan Elliott
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz

Kevin Dumphy of Fever Marlene on drums

Show Notes

Audio of this show was recorded. We were the opening band out of the 3 on a Thursday night and during the first couple of songs there were about 25 people there, including a group of women in the front that were having a good time. One had a very "distinctive" voice. And because of the mic placement in the room she can be heard over the music on these songs, until more people started to show up. Which I kind of found amusing listening back to the audio.

Live Recording