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090910 - Great Dane Madison

Tom Ray
Bryan Elliott
Mark Whitcomb
Scott Beardsley
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz

Set list and notes

  1. I'm Doin' fine - Mark, Eric sing ahhs on verse, no guitars in beginning
  2. downtown
  3. cool & red
  4. old old story
  5. oh oh oh - more swingy, faster tempo?, play at a happy medium between loud and quiet, bag the last verse
  6. Indian summer
  7. voomp-boomp
  8. fervor
  9. inamorata - start with this song?, Use the funky drummer beat, play a high hat beat in the intro, switch to piano on the chorus, outro is just the last chord hit and in to the song Drinkin'
  10. Drinkin by myself
  11. It could be you - jazzy high hat on break down, end with bass line into the song "next round"
  12. I've Got The Next Round

Misc. Notes:

  • suggested that I make the dane flyer look like the dane logo
  • Thoughts on space rental
  • think of venues for shows
  • there were audio versions of these notes. Need to be posted.

Practice Aug. 18, 2009

members involved
Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb
Scott Beardsley
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz
Bryan Elliott

Set List and Notes

  1. I'm Doin' fine - Mark & Eric ahhs just on first part of verse, video recorded - I'm doin' fine 090818

    I'm Doing Fine @ DNA Studios

  2. hang on st. christopher
  3. feed the one
  4. went your way - open vamp Mark and Cliff
  5. San Francisco
  6. after all
  7. hot water avalanche
  8. over and over
  9. you were blonde
  10. I've got the next round - Mark loose and santana-ish, Scott tambourine on hi-hat “do what you do” was his explanation
  11. make it clean

Misc. Notes

Video was recorded for:

Practice Aug. 26, 2009

Members Involved
Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz
Bryan Elliott

Set List and Notes

Working from attached set list cliff created.
  1. I'm doing fine
  2. cool and white
  3. I believe in this
  4. oh oh oh - song now only has first 2 verses, Eric plays end part with mark
  5. old old story - just two verses, last chorus 4 times 2 of them A cappella
  6. Fervor
  7. San Francisco
  8. Inamorata - slower groove, end hold leads to drinkin' (See earlier notes)
  9. Drinkin' by myself
  10. Downtown
  11. Jockey full of bourbon - end with cha-cha-cha, Scott stay away from ride

Misc. Notes

Tom and Mark after practice
  • Talked about ommad event in November being hosted at DNA
  • video standard ideas, more hand-held mixed with performances
  • searching social networks for music connections (newest is professor Kliq)

Practice Sept. 02, 2009

Members Involved
Tom Ray
Mark Whitcomb
Cliff Hammer
Eric Bruzewitz

Set List and Notes

  1. It could be you - Eric sings last harmony on last verse, fade out end
  2. Went your way
  3. over and over - mark starts with guitar then everyone comes in, Eric holds chords on chorus second round add high B and then octave E
  4. Voomp Boomp - only one chorus til last one
  5. Indian Summer
  6. Make It Clean
  7. I've Got The Next Round - drive the beat
  8. You Were Blonde
  9. feed the one
  10. hot water avalanche - Tom do chorus more off mike, make sure verse doesn't slow down

Misc. Notes

  • create an ipod playlist of songs to play between sets, don't let jukebox from club play
  • run off 25 cd 's sell for $5
  • bring 3 lights with cans
  • call Chris B about using P.A.

Show - The Great Dane Madison, WI - Thursday Sept. 10, 2009

Lorenzo’s Music
Lost School
at The Great Dane
Sept. 10 9pm

Lost School was the opener and Lorenzo's Music Headliner
Tom Ray,
Aug 21, 2009, 11:52 PM