090923 Practice

Song writing session at DNA Studios in the main room. We just got together and started playing and came up with 3 or 4 new ideas. Started the recording with horn bass and drum jam line.

*note* -- Song names and article title need to be switched out as they progress, for reference.

090923 Practice Notes

Session saved as Lorenzo 090923 in Protools. These song notes refer to the timeline in the recording. Excerpts of the parts we wanted to reference for later use are posted on the audio section.


Tom Ray

Mark Whitcomb

Scott Beardsley

Cliff Hammer

Bryan Elliott

First Song Idea 090923 Idea 0

at 22 sec

Titled: [6] 090923 Idea 0a (initial groove) on the audio album page.

at 2:47min -

Cool horn line at 3min

Tom told mark to "flam" more on the guitar line he was playing.

Titled: [1] 090923 Idea 0b on the audio album page.

Second Song Idea 090923 Idea 1

at 12 min

Scott plays more of a solid beat. song goes more as a dark feel and rocky and becomes second song idea.

at 16:14min -

Has cool bridge idea-- triplet part-- version that Tom was trying to push for later.

Titled: [5] 090923 Idea 1a on the audio album page.

at 23min -

Solid hits for a transition parts

at 24min -

reworking solid hits part-- make it more jumpy.

at 25min -

tried to make the transition that happened earlier in the song work as a one measure thing-- didn't work.


recorded video of this.

at 27:35min -

Titled: [3] 090923 Idea 1b on the audio album page.

Third Song Idea 090923 idea 2

at 32min

riffed a new song idea.

at 40min

Tom tried to talk them into melding the 32min and the begining song idea - told too different and replayed the 32min part again to record.

at 46min -

trying out change part from 40min song based on an idea Scott had refered to as "Cha-Cha". Couldn't decide where it should be.

at 48:47 -

Audio Example

Titled: [2] 090923 idea 2 on the audio album page.

at 50min -

trying "Cha-Cha" part again from 46 min. Waiting for drum fill that would lead into it. Didn't quite hit. Cliff said Scott was doing it on the 5?

at 51:30min -

another pass at the Cha-Cha part from 46 min. Scott said guitar shouldn't come in right after the Cha-Cha's. Brian suggested a 1/4 rest after it happens. Scott thought it was chessy. Said we should hold it.

at 55min -

Tom said now it dragged -- went back to the original way.

Fourth Song Idea 090923 idea 3

at 58min

spoon-ish idea - started with more of a marching snare. Mark and Tom told Scott to try it with out.

at 61:30 -

vocal idea recorded for 58 min part.

audio example

Titled: [4] 090923 idea 3 on the audio album page.


Original Audio: 090923 Lorenzo's Music Practice Audio

090930 Practice Notes

This is a continuation of these song ideas. We had Eric plugged in to add song ideas from the session we recorded the week before. All of us listening and discussing parts.


Tom Ray

Scott Bearsley

Eric Bruzewitz

Mark Whitcomb

Bryan Elliott

090923 idea 0b (Continued).

Continuing work on song 090923 idea 0b

Eric laying down keyboard idea

Started with a cool rhodes sound idea that he had the second he touched the keyboard that Mark liked

after laying down the idea Tom said he should punch it up a little more to mach the groove thats going on. Less holding notes, more rhythmn like.

Layed down the keys got stuck decided to move on to 090923 idea 2

090923 idea 2 (Continued).

working from song 090923 idea 2

Turns out this was actually the mp3 song Eric was playing with when we walked in and the opened ProTools and played back the wrong one. oops :)

Titled: [1] 1_090930 idea 2 on the audio album page.

090923 idea 3 (Continued).

working from song 090923 idea 3

At first listen, Eric played a syncopated almost 80's elvis costello skankin' rythmn that really added to the song. Still using the rhodes sound. it was played on the opposite of the vocal line.

On the part change Eric hits opposite 1/4 notes. Tom and Mark liked how it kept the bounce.

Eric sugested changin the drums for that part.

Scott wanted to hear the part as half note holds.

Tom thought the holds made the song lose its bounce.

Mark thought the drum change might bring it back

Ideas were getting confused at this part so we played it back and asked Eric and Scott to vocalize their ideas with the track.

Eric was talking about the drum line doubling up at the change.

Mark said lay down the keyboard line we had as an idea and discuss this when the song change parts when the song is more laid out with the changes. Keeping these recordings as a sketch for now, as it is.

Titled: [2] 2_090923 idea 3 on the audio album page.

090923 idea 1 (Continued).

Working from song 090923 idea 1 version b

Eric palm up on build hold notes then Tom said spike with the rythmn.

Mark and Scott suggested syncopating the spikes on the first one and spikeing the second.

Adding the same idea to the second time though it has a a drop out in the music, we aren't gonna do that.

090923 idea 0b (continued).

working from song 090923 idea 0 version b

Now knowing this is the song we're working on we revisit it with Eric.

Eric laid down a blankety keyboard line.

Titled: [3] 3_090930 idea 0b on the audio album page.