110105 Practice

110105 Practice Notes


Tom Ray

Mark Whitcomb

Song idea 1 Guitar


Tom set up a drum track with the Hydrogen drum machine on his netbook and mark was playing a riff using the smokey ampliphire pedal


mark played a few variations of the riffs as he went along.

Starting with a sticato guitar part

then around 1:30 more of a rung out idea

2:40 working more on the sticatto part idea

3:30 Mark makes a build on the variation of it.

4:30 he plays a clean funk strum

(the track is an edit of the parts together but the drum machine program did have a tendancy to skip a beat as it looped from time to time).

Song Idea 2 Korg


Mark's wrist started bugging him so the next idea was on the keys using the Korg

When Mark started playing thought his phone was ringing and sang about it in the rythmn and Tom and him built a melody off of that. Mark tries out the drums built into the Korg at the end.


Didn't like the drumbeats the Korg had so we went back to programming the rhythms in Hydrogen at a tempo of 135bpm.

Tom sang on the melody idea some more (the drum machine kept skipping rythmn beats from time to time)

2min in mark starts a left right up and down idea

2:30 Mark sings the line in falsetto

3min Tom sings more on that idea.


Tom and Mark figuring out an idea for a change

Mark was using the Suitcase Rhodes sound on the Korg

Tom sets up a drum beat for the change around 3:45 into it

Mark plays the part as quarter notes mixing up the rhythmn at 5:40

Drum machine gliches again at the end.


trying to figure out the change Mark says the last chord isn't right.

1:40 Tom suggests maybe it's just the rythmn being used as it worked before

mark liked the way the 2 parts worked together and there was a spike on the end but he still wasn't sold on the chord change.

we wanna take that and mix it up with a cool beat to see if it might switch the feel of the straight keyboard.


Original files on archive.org



Piano chords for the second song idea

After that worked on the skintones cover of h-bomb for the local love event for February 2011 on audio track 0013

tom hit a bass drum and a snare on the flor and makrk played a spaced out keyboard on the Korg using the effect UC07.

110112 Practice Notes


Tom Ray

Mark Whitcomb

Went back and listened and looked at the audio and video notes of the last session and thought about how to progress with the 2 parts and all the different variations.