100127 Practice

A night of song ideas at DNA Studios with the mic's set up to record a session of "off the top of our head" ideas for new songs.

100127 Practice Notes

Members Involved

Mark Whitcomb

Scott Beardsley

Cliff Hammer

Tom Ray

100127-idea 0

Scott started off with a shuffle-y drum beat and Mark knocked out a raw-like guitar line. Said it was in the key of G.

Mark and Cliff then worked out an up down bassline to accompany the guitar part.

Audio - 100127-idea 0

100127-Idea 1

Mark played a guitar line that he said could be a chorus or a C part for the previous idea. Tom thought of a vocal melody he wanted to try with it and said that it sounded more like a main part and the whole thing got separated into a new song idea.

Audio - 100127-idea1

Video - 100127-idea1

Based on the recording quality/sound of of this take, we thought that this might be good enough to use for tracking as is and build off of that.

Audio - 100127-idea1b

Video - 100127-idea1b

Video - 100127-idea 1C

Attempt at a full run through of what we worked on for Idea 1.

100127-idea 2

Mark started playing a new guitar riff that Scott said sounded like a "Milkman comin' down the street". Tom added, "but with spooky undertones".

Audio - 1001272-idea2

We did a couple of different takes of this, building off the idea to the point where scott thought we had moved on to a new song at one point.

Cliff and Scott thought this part should be a bridge but Tom disagreed again and had a vocal melody to try out to show them.

Audio - song idea 100127-idea 2b (with vocals).

Video - 100127-idea 2b

Audio - 100127-ideac

100127-idea 3

Cliff and Mark went on a tangent and started playing a riff while trying to get Tom & Scott's attention as they we're dumping photos on Tom's laptop before Scott left. And it turned out to be something they liked.

Audio - 100127-idea3

100217 notes

100127-Idea0 - For 1st ep?!?

100127-Idea1b - really liked atonal / arythmic stuff

100127-idea3 - maybe not complete song, but could be very cool 1 minute or so segway on album / ep