100310 practice

After we were done adding tracks this same night for a song idea we originally came up with on 100303 tentatively titled "crazy bitch" we tried to see if we could come up with some new ideas.

100310 Practice Notes


Tom Ray

Mark Whitcomb

Scott Beardsley

Cliff Hammer

Eric Bruzewitz

After we finished tracking for the night on a session for a song. Mark wanted us all to see if we could come up with another song.

We Hooked up the drum machine for tempo and to have Scott kinda think out of the box for his beat.

We went for something up beat.

While we were setting up Scott and Cliff played this drum and bass line.

[2] Titled: lorenzos drum bass idea2 on the audio session album.

Mark plugged in his guitar and we got a completely different idea.

[3] Titled: lorenzo tong test on the audio session album.

A fast 1234 rythmn.

On the chorus Scott said we should hold out chords then do a spike where the vocals are on the "and" beat.

Tom sang this as a mwah kissing motion with his hand to accent the part. Didn't quite match it but the idea was there.

Second time around for that part on the recording Scott changed his beat accidentily and it changed the way Tom came in on his rythmn for the verse and we liked it so we made a note to incorpoate that into the song. Thought it made it sound more intense.

This idea eventually became the song "You got to feel it tonight" on the "Just had to let you know" EP

[1] Titled: 100310 franz gomez test on the audio session album.


Original audio: 100310 Practice

[1] 100310 franz gomez test - (This song is now called "You Got To Feel It Tonight" and future notes taken are now located here.)

[2] lorenzos drum bass idea2

[3] lorenzo tong test