Where did it go

Notes for the song tentatively titled "Where did it go"

150919 - Practice Notes


Tom Ray

Working on a melody and chord structure idea

Lyrics are from Tom's recorded notes taken over a period of days during evening bike rides. Taken as audio notes in google keep.

Tom decided to write a 3/4 melody at the piano just to get the concept down.

Only got as far as the first line & melody for vocals in this session


A, A, D, A, E, A

A, A, D, D, E

D, A, D, E

D, E, E, A, D, E, A

A is a major rest are minors I believe. Or the other way around. Don't recall while typing this.

Audio was recorded as video on Tom's phone since he forgot his recorder.

in the "Where did it go" docs folder - Starting with 150919_231603-VID + 3 more video takes

150926 - Practice Notes


Tom Ray

Playing through the song again just on piano, trying to finish the structure of the song as a whole.

Constructing the rest of the vocals with the whole song.

Came up with the chorus.

First time repeats on the E, second time everything gets same length

Takes are in the "where did it go" drive folder - Starting with 150926_0766-wherediditgo-session-tom + 12 more audio files

151010 - Practice notes


Tom Ray

The original piano line was only supposed to be for structure, so Tom trying to come up with something else to do with it.

Recorded the original way it was written so far in renoise with vocals, keyboard using the "poly"(?) sound on the korg.

hoping to loop it and play along to get new ideas.

Searched on freenoise for inspiration, found nothing. Usually this can get things started for an idea but no luck this time.

Turned off the keys on the loop and just had vocals playing with click.

Out of frustration just started banging a rythmn on the keys.

Might have found a new approach at the main keys part. More spike rythm like, less standard waltz.

Audio in the "where did it go" drive folder - 151010_0790-where-did-key-rythm