100113 Practice

Song idea recording session at DNA Studios that started out with Tom, Cliff and Mark.

100113 Practice Notes


Tom Ray

Mark Whitcomb

Cliff Hammer

Video and audio were recorded.

Session Name

Session saved as 100113 in Protools in a folder called Mark.

Started out with a bass line cliff noodled as we set up

mark played a line that tom said had a early punk-new wave british vibe

[1] Titled: 1 - 100113 a inst - in audio below


practice begining bass

Tom, Cliff and Mark. Working on a bass line.

practice with vox melody idea

Fleshing out the idea for the song. Tom tries out a vocal idea.

Tom sang a log held out note pattern and after cliff had played his bass part for a while shook his head and did a "btbtbtbt" sound and Tom liked it and tried it as part of a background vocal part

[2] Titled: 2 - 100113 a vocal - in audio below

practice withe vox brbrbrb

Tom tries a verse A/B part with a "brbrbrbr" vocal effect.

For a chrous type part Tom suggested Cliff play a walking down part of his bass line

[3] Titled: 3 - 100113 chs 1 - in audio below

practice bass guitar excerpt

Cliff tries a walking down bass part for verse to chorus.

Mark accedentally played a high note during the picking part and we thought he should keep it for a nice accent to the part

[4] Titled: 4 - 100113 chs 2 - in audio below (guitar finger picking all the way through)

practice finger pick

This is the finger pickin' version Mark did. And to note Cliff did the "brbrbr" I referred to on the vocal idea again here because of the finger callus the bass line was causing him.

Chord Notes

A part chords - Dm 12th fret,

B Part chords - D, C, A, D just playing the 5th in the high root

Chorus Chords - F, G, D, C